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Fascism should more
properly be called corporatism since it is
the merger of
state and corporate power

-Benito Mussolini

Estimated Prophet
"Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government."
-Thomas Jefferson

This Martin Luther King speech says it all ( in about 7.50). Please hear it through if you can, don't let the Christian references deter you if you are not Christian. The human Truth rings out, rings through well beyond the religious framework he posits it in. A truly great man, his speeches belie the stereotyped cubbyhole he is put in for his Holiday. He spoke to the dignity of all humanity in the face of a political culture built on division, empowered by violence... Read or hear his speeches if you can. Food for the heart. Reinforcement for the soul.

The rest of the show is good, with Conyers on the Draft and Tom Tomarrow speaks for a bit at the end. Good stuff. Enjoy.


A student wrote an Editorial in the form of an open letter to Jesus, asking him to smite George Bush. Read about his visit from the Secret Service. But that is old news.

Mideast policy expert Phyllis Bennis talks about the empty shell casings found in Iraq.

Did you know Bush1 was booed at the American Music Awards? Not unless you read about it- the boos were inaudible to the home viewer. What's with that?

Speaking of Bush1 and boos there is another unsavory Iran Contra Affairs alum in the news. Otto Reich, from Reagan/ Bush Office of Public Diplomacy- you may remember him as the fellow that said, in an effort to ratchet up public fears and support for our terrorists, the Contras,that Nicaragua was getting Mig fighters- a lie, one of many. Speaking of "our" terrorists, Here is another bit of US history you may have missed.

You have probably heard about the Total Information Awareness Program... The folks with the motto "Knowledge is Power" - "Big Brother" in common parlance.Please read the last link. It all sounds like science fiction, far fetched, not to be believed. Here is more about DARPA projects. Horribly surreal stuff.

Keep in mind that this site is a tool, to open ones horizons to what is going on in our world; some realities that we might rather not think about when thinking about what it is to be an American, what the actions of our Government state to the world about who we collectively are. Seeing a Government body that wants to develop drugged genetically manipulated soldiers that lack all humanity is just one part of a web, a system of belief. Our job, as I see it, is to communicate information like this, as well as to make connections with other information, the integration of which will give us a clearer view about where we are, enabling us to get a sense of where we are going.

For example, today I show you a link about simple booing possibly being edited for our at home consumption. Also
a respected Middle East policy expert speaking about the empty casings found in Iraq; in contrast to the official "let's go get 'em" news line. Then about yet another fellow with a bad track record, (a propagandist that lied about the status of Cuba's bioweapons, among other things...) being appointed back into our Goverment. Do those simple juxtapositions lead your mind to come awake to wonder ''what if...."? maybe cause you to question the evening news? Are you wondering which segment of the population will fill the ranks of hopped up gene spliced 'warriors'? Does it seem confusing that a terrorist that bombed a Cuban plane taking 73 innocent lives could actually be pardoned and allowed to return to our shores to live in Miami? I'm brain damaged and I tell you these small facts fill me with a cognitive dissonance, initially making me want to look away. I find it hard to wrap my mind around facts that don't fit my mental model. How can this be, this is America. But they are facts. And if it gets you talking to other folks, gets you looking things up- the tool works.

Without honest appraisal and criticism America cannot live up to its promise. I love this country, its physical beauty as well as the wonderful people that make up its multivaried citizenry; the one thing I've learned in my travels is that we all want a better world for our kids, fresh air and water and food and a chance to do something rewarding. In a word "We Care". Happily we are the majority. And we are the bearers of a huge responsibility. Many hands make work light. Let's dance with it.



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