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Fascism should more
properly be called corporatism since it is
the merger of
state and corporate power

-Benito Mussolini

Estimated Prophet
"Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government."
-Thomas Jefferson

Look into this site, scroll to 'latest news' for 'secret' UN reports on civilian casualties.

Here is a scorecard on Mr Bush's actions while in office. Where you aware of the wealth of affronts to the common good he has perpetrated?


You really need to listen to this Greg Palast interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! Follow the money - you'll hear some Bush stuff as well as a bunch about Total Information Awareness czar John Poindexter and how there is a connection to the voter purge in Florida that cost Al Gore the presidential election.

I wrote to the Pope asking him to go to Iraq to save the many civilians there that will become 'collateral damage' in this "Awe and Shock" attack that Mr Bush and the Pentagon are planning.
From: <helen>>helen
Sent: Saturday, March 01, 2003 11:01 AM
Subject: An Appeal from Dr. Helen Caldicott to the Pope

Dear Friends,

I write this appeal for your help as a pediatrician, a mother, and a
grandmother -- and I am writing about the lives of tens of thousands
of children.

Although the current administration has demonstrated it has no
reservations about slaughtering up to 500,000 innocents in Iraq,
there is one person whose life they absolutely will not risk. That
person is Pope John Paul II. While the Pope has already formally
denounced the proposed war, calling it a defeat for humanity, as well
as sent his top spokesperson to meet with Saddam
Hussein, he now must take a historically unprecedented action of his
own and travel to Baghdad. The Pope's physical presence in Iraq will
act as the ultimate human shield, during which time leaders of the
words nations can commit themselves to identifying and implementing a
peaceful solution to this war that the world's majority clearly does
not support.

To persuade the Holy Father to take this unusual but potent action,
he must hear from you and millions of others around the world who
have already been inspired to
stand up and speak out for peace. A mountain of surface mail, email,
faxes, and phone calls are our devices to inspire him.
Please understand that you taking just a few minutes right now to
communicate with him may ultimately spare the lives of thousands of
innocent people who at this moment live in complete terror from the
threat of an imminent U.S.-lead military strike on their homeland.

So here is what you can do to be a part of this powerful final action
to stop the march to war in Iraq.

1. Do not forward the letter below. Its power depends upon your
sending it directly, as a personal communication to the Pope.

2. Simply cut and paste the letter below into a new email. Also cut
and paste the Vatican email address we have provided.

3. At the close of the letter, type in your name, city and state--no
need to include your address.

4. Either email,
([from USA] 011-39-06698-85255 (number fixed and verified 3.18.03) --from other countries drop the 011
prefix -- or send a hard copy of this letter to the addresses in the
letter below. DO NOT put "Italy" anywhere on the envelope, as this
will send your mail into the Italian mail system which is separate
and independent of the Vatican system. Should you wish to phone the
Vatican directly, (from USA) dial 011-39-06-69-82--all other
countries must use their appropriate international prefix.

5. Pass this original email on to as many people you can so as to
assure a critical mass is reached in this action.

6. Note that as you and others begin sending your letters, faxes and
emails, there will be a simultaneous effort to alert the media of
this action, so as to be sure it is publicly known throughout the

Thank you for participating in this formal request of the Pope. We
just may stop this war in Iraq -- and save these childrens' lives.

Dr. Helen Caldicott

Sample letter:

His Holiness John Paul II
Apostolic Palace
00120 Vatican City State

"Father, why has thou forsaken me?"

Your Holiness:

I write to you today out of a sense of great urgency. As you know
the United States of America is on the verge of launching what may be
one of the most cataclysmic wars in history using weapons of mass
destruction upon the Iraqi people, fifty percent of whom are less
than 15 years of age.

Conservative estimates are that such a war will result in the death
of 500,000 Iraqis. It seems clear that, at this time, you are the
only person on Earth who can stop this war. Indeed, your physical
presence in Baghdad, will prevent the impending slaughter of hundreds
of thousands of human beings, and force the international community
of nations to identify and implement a truly peaceful resolution to
this unprecedented, preemptive aggression.

I implore you to travel to Baghdad and to remain there until a
peaceful solution to this crisis has been implemented. The lives of
the people of Iraq rest in your hands - as does the fate of the world.

With hope,
Your name,
Your City, State, Country



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