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Fascism should more
properly be called corporatism since it is
the merger of
state and corporate power

-Benito Mussolini

Estimated Prophet
"Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government."
-Thomas Jefferson

Senator Robert Byrd, I shake your hand.

On the other hand, we have Dick Cheney.
Read this Investigative Report from The Center for Public Integrity.

Power Corrupts: Why would the highest office in the land try to keep the people of America in the dark? "Court Rules Against Cheney, Bush - In Favor Of Judicial Watch" The Judicial Watch site seems to be down, but the link offered gives background.

Sounds like something from a TV show: "In 1992, in the last year of the Bush administration, Defense Secretary Dick Cheney ordered all copies of the most objectionable sections of Project X destroyed. The ostensible reason was to prevent them ever being copied and taught again. But a more plausible explanation was to keep the details out of the hands of historians."

British soldiers are afraid of persecution for War Crimes In the International Criminal Court. America refused to sign, and so are immune from prosecution. Iraq is not a signatory either. Go figure...

The Pope says: "A war would be a defeat for humanity and would be neither morally nor legally justified,” the Pope told Bush in a papal message delivered last week by a special envoy. “It is an unjust war.”

Morally wrong. Unsanctioned by the UN. Sounds like a war crime. Can public opinion stave off Bush's mistake in judgement?

Speaking of crimes "10 million Iraqi's will starve if war goes ahead"

An Oscar blacklist to keep antiwar folks out of the public consciousness?


(If you are short on time go straight to the RealAudio clip below)

Did you know that US forces will be packin' radioactive armaments much more poisonous to the world; not merely the 30mm to 120mm antitank rounds that left Iraq with a cancerous DU heritage- we are talking BOMBS, I mean big, 2000 pound cruise missiles. "Bunker Busters". Depleted Uranium, the gift of death that keeps on giving.... Our soldiers will be over there breathing the air, should we persist in our pursuit of atrocity... Think of the generations that will live there, will drink the water, grow food in the soil, raise livestock to eat and for milk to drink. That will go to school, get married, raise kids; all in a toxic post Saddam world we have created. You can do a search at this site for the wealth of DU links I have posted.

Will we ever learn? We poisoned Viet Nam, leaving the country legacy of birth defects and cancers across enerations- and have done the same to our soldiers that served there. The same folks that Rumsfeld said contributed "no value, no advantage, really" to the military. Rather than Dioxin laden 'Agent Orange' our Service men and women will be exposed to more radioactive Depleted Uranium than their predecessors in Gulf War 1. And the US has hardly 'fessed up to Gulf War Syndrome.

A strong UN Security council sanctioned weapons inspection program should do the trick in keeping Mr Hussein's development of weapons on mass destruction at a standstill.

"Movie men add add special effects to media war" Now that's an honest headline!
But the Bush administration must be sure about attacking Iraq; did you know that George Allison has been hired to "spiff up" the appearance of Pentagon news briefings:

"His work in Qatar reflects the Pentagon’s realisation that it needs to look good on prime-time television, especially given public disquiet about the war, which is being led by some Hollywood personalities such as Martin Sheen, Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon."

I'm sure that Allison's having worked with illusionist David Blaine can only help his efforts. Poll results show the American public is tired of "ignoring the man behind the curtain"

I've heard it said that in a totalitarian culture one has to read between the lines when taking in the 'news'. But in America we have 'freedom of the Press';and with the new Pentagon media complex we should be getting the straight news about what is occuring on the ground in Iraq, right?

Veteran BBC reporter Kate Adie had this to say in an interview with Tom Mcgurk:

Kate Adie:" I was told by a senior officer in the Pentagon, that if uplinks --that is the television signals out of... Bhagdad, for example-- were detected by any planes ...electronic media... mediums, of the military above Bhagdad... they'd be fired down on. Even if they were journalists ..' Who cares! ' said.. [inaudible] .."

Tom McGurk: "...Kate ...sorry Kate ..just to underline that. Sorry to interrupt you. Just to explain for our listeners. Uplinks is where you have your own satellite telephone method of distributing information."

Kate Adie: " The telephones and the television signals."

Tom McGurk: " And they would be fired on? "

Kate Adie: " Yes. They would be 'targeted down,' said the officer."

Tom McGurk: " Extraordinary ! "

Kate Adie: " Shameless! "

You owe yourself a listen to this 27 minute RealAudio piece. It includes the excerpt above as well as a moment with Chris Hedges, whos' book 'War is a force that gives us meaning' gives a thought provoking analysis of war as a tool of social control, institutionalized violence as an outlet for inner angst and an organizing principle in uncertain times. A truly powerful book. In the interview he speaks of media as shaping our cognitive container concerning how we look at and discuss this attack- something I am very concrned with.

We speak of removing Saddam Hussein from power. We do not speak of the "Awe and Shock" bombing campaign that will enable this. The Pentagon says there will be no safe place in Baghdad. Remember Russell Mokhiber questioning AriFleisher? 2/19/03: Ari, you said last week that, "Every step will be taken to protect civilian and innocent life in Iraq." But Pentagon officials have said that under a battle plan called 'shock and awe,' "there will not be a safe place in Baghdad when we attack."

Knowledge is power. Why would the Bush administration stop publishing budgetary information? Remember when the Mass Layoff Statics report was discontinued? It has been reinstated.

'After War, jobs and pay for soldiers and citizens' the International Herald Tribune headline reads. Iraqi soldiers and citizens. While our economy here suffers from partisan tax cuts and an immoral and probably illegal act of aggresion- and all that entails. I don't know about you but I say "Lets cut the war crap and invest money in America's infrastructure". Americans need jobs. US soldiers should get a pay raise. America's schools and roadways and bridges need repair... Federal monies spent on jobs created to do necessary repairs and maintenance pump money into the economy; giving it an immediate boost while helping the populace. Money earned is spent in the community. The stimulus of money going from just paid consumer into the till at the market and on through the the economy is what President Roosevelt saw as the best way to spur economic revival and people's pride in being American. As Mr Reagan showed and as Mr Bush has shown once and is hoping "We the People" forget as he shows us again; tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans have no real short term effects, a limited long term positive effect on the job growth, while bleeding the economy. But wealthy campaign donors loyalty is assured. The question is "is this Patriotic?".

Mr Bush signed a bill that would create a national do-not-call list to impede telemarketers from wasting our precious time. Perhaps, being president he was privy to this invention before it was publicly released.


HELEN THOMAS: "How do you know what the Iraqis think - do you think they'd rather be dead? What is this "liberty"? You're going to send 3000 missiles over in 48 hours? How many people are going to survive that?"

Thank you to media whores online for the quotation and image- go there to buy the sticker.



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