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Fascism should more
properly be called corporatism since it is
the merger of
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-Benito Mussolini

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Just so you know: A memorial service for murdered 23 year old peace activist Rachel Corrie was violently disrupted. I would not use the word 'murdered' but it seems to me the actions of the IDF say a lot in themselves about respect, for people living and dead.

Joe Smith, a young activist from Kansas City, said about 100 people were gathered to lay carnations and erect a small memorial when the first armoured personnel carrier appeared.

"They started firing teargas and blowing smoke, then they fired sound grenades. After a while it got hectic so we sat down. Then the tank came over and shot in the air," he said. "It scared a lot of Palestinians, especially the shooting made a lot of them run and the teargas freaked people out. But most of us stayed."

Another witness said the army failed to break up the service.

"People were laying carnations at the spot where Rachel was killed when a tank came and fired teargas right on them. Then a core group of the peace activists took an ISM cloth banner to the fence and pinned it up.

"The tank chased after them trying to stop them with teargas but the wind was against the army," she said.

Tensions rose further when a convoy of vehicles, including the bulldozer that killed Ms Corrie, passed the area.

I just don't get it...

Just so you know: Israel is counting on 10 Billion dollars in aid from the United States. US tax dollars, only about a tenth of the money Mr Bush wants for the war he started with Iraq. Only a small percentage of our pre-war deficit of 193.9 Billion, a debt to the future three times that of a year ago...

This article mentions that during this time of war Mr Bush's Republican Party is trying to cut Veterans benefits by 28 billion dollars. Now that's supporting our troops...



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