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Fascism should more
properly be called corporatism since it is
the merger of
state and corporate power

-Benito Mussolini

Estimated Prophet
"Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government."
-Thomas Jefferson

From our friend skippy the bush kangaroo I got a heads up on this poll asking if you would vote for Mr Bush. Actually it asks if you would "re-elect" him, which would be tough to do unless you were a Supreme Court Judge...

Please go there and vote...


"Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave."
--Frederick Douglass,

"The Iraqi people understand what this crisis is about. Like the people of France in the 1940s, they view us as their hoped-for liberator," said Deputy Defense Secretary Paul D. Wolfowitz.

So it looks like Mr Rumsfeld, set on proving that he Perle, Wolfowitz and company are correct about the "cakewalk through Iraq" notion that they used to sell this war,did not see that our troops were supplied sufficiently: "The officers said that it lacked everything: “beans, bullets and Band-Aids.”"

But as elected President Harry Truman said "The buck stops here" - George Bush, as Commander In Chief holds full responsibility for the sensible and responsible deployment and maintainence of our troops. Fred Barnes spoke a bit soon about Mr Bush's untrained flair for prosecuting illegal war:

WHEN PRESIDENT BUSH set aside the Pentagon's strategy for war with Iraq and ordered an attack on Saddam Hussein and his inner circle, it created shock and awe in the media and perhaps in a few offices of Bush's own administration. It shouldn't have. The president behaved, without much ado, as a commander in chief who intends to make the major war decisions himself and not reflexively defer to the expertise of military brass. Bush relied on his own judgment and instincts--and thus acted in the best tradition of wartime leadership.

Bush has wisely read and imbibed the advice of military strategist Eliot Cohen in "Supreme Command," a study of successful wartime leaders from Lincoln to Churchill. The common thread among those leaders was their insistence on taking charge, personally and aggressively, and not leaving decisions to the military. More often than not, the generals tended to be cautious in the extreme, more inclined to husband the forces under their command than commit them to battle. The most successful leaders--Lincoln, for example--overrode them.

Stop by "Impeach Bush Now" on the sidebar...

Please read this thought provoking article by Thom Hartmann, 'When democracy failed: The warnings of history'. I'll do no name calling, just a bit of pointing out the obvious, letting history speak for itself. Do Hitler's methods of governance sound familiar?

Speaking of World War 2, one might think Tony Blair of all people would realize how a nation will react after being exposed to the airborne terror of missile attacks. Can British folks already have forgotten the blitz?

A niece of Osama Bin Laden is going to put out a pop music album. What are next generation of Bush's up to? I suppose you could ask a policeman.


That missile that just missed the Mall in Kuwait... one of ours. (NY Times quote)

Witnesses who gathered shortly after the explosion at 1:45 a.m. local time could see a twisted piece of metal on the esplanade near the shoreline about the size of a wastebasket and bearing the number "5420" in red. The words "place" and "protractor" could also be made out on a shard. Emergency workers put fragments into bags that they took away for analysis.

..."It was an American cruise missile, we know from the markings and writing on it," said a Kuwaiti police colonel who did not give his name. "It doesn't go up, it comes in low from the sea, and that's why there was no alert."

Another uniformed Kuwaiti official said that he, too, believed the missile to have been American and said that it "came from the sea." He then added that "it was a mistake" that it had struck Kuwait.

Unidentified US officials said it was a Chinese Silkworm missile. Pretty crafty to write on the missile in english, don't you think?

Another million dollar missile crashed in Turkey. Lucky they haven't been exploding. Some have also landed in Saudi Arabia. Neither country will allow cruise missiles to fly through their airspace anymore.

I imagine it was a cheaper 'dumb missiles' that hit a bus full of Syrian civilians in one incident and Jordanian students another.

Speaking of stupid...

Gayle Norton pushing to drill in ANWR? OH, I forgot, in Republican administrations the Secretary of the Interior advocates for business, not the American people.



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