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Fascism should more
properly be called corporatism since it is
the merger of
state and corporate power

-Benito Mussolini

Estimated Prophet
"Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government."
-Thomas Jefferson

Fundamentalist are idiots. Yup, I'll go out on a limb and paint them all with one brush; I'm guessing that the very title "Fundamentalist" covers a bunch of attributes that preclude folks that it accurately applies to from mixing in common decent society. If I'm wrong please write me with your perspective; I will appreciate another point of view. In a world composed of many people from many cultures I'm guessing that "Fundamentalists" would not have a live and let live perspective. That their version of "Love" may not extend to those with different belief systems. That perhaps their religious point of view would see folks that had a different perspective as "lesser" than them. That their beliefs may be used to posit in "in " group and an "out" group. That through Fundamentalist eyes differences would not be seen as enriching the world we live in but as a reason to hate.

It is well too easy to use hate as an organizing principle. Especially when people are unsure, when times are economically hard do they welcome hate as a way to externalize anxiety- boom, life is simplified. A clear "in" group to feel good about, to support, to lionize- to feel a part of. A clear "out" group that pulls you together, affords focus, while filling the consciousness with 'righteous' anger. And one forgets the "stuff" at home that needs work. The cognitive dissonance of life in an American society that just doesn't work for the majority of us, that has as its very design now a radically unAmerican slant toward corporations and the rich while the needs and aspirations of "We the People" are consigned to a place labeled "special interest". Where all we are taught to believe about is erased in a flood of greed and what now is termed "patriotism" - mindless rage and nationalistic blood lust akin to rooting for a sports team. Add in Fundamentalism to give an air of sanctity to the rotten mix.

Like children with abusive parents, many of us gather around the offenders refusing to believe the painful writing on the wall. A populace too busy to look into the 'news' and too lied to by the corporate owned media to form an accurate worldview; sensing it has no secure place to turn suddenly quails and bows its' head, fearfully surrendering its' authority. A presidential pretender, a man put into the position of "leader of the free world" totally outside the democratic process, by a Supreme Court split down idealogical lines,who said he would be a uniter, has been a partisan politician of the worst sort. Civil rights, the environment, jobs, health and safety issues- benefits to the very Veterans led to risk life and limb in an illegal war and occupation, along with our nations' economy, sacrificed for the benefit of the richest Americans. For corporate campaign contributors. Pandering to moneyed interests and a minority of people interested in an American Empire he has besmirched all that America is about, all that we as Americans hold dear and with pride as our identity and Constitutional heritage on the world stage.

I am concerned that this occupation will put us in the same mental and moral place as the people of Israel. Please read "The Israelization of America" by James Brooks. There is a large and vibrant Peace and Social justice movement in Israel that we in the US don't hear about. Much like the Christian folks here in America that strive to live up to the teachings attributed to Jesus Christ a controlled media in Israel as well drowns out the voices of people adhering to the beautiful tenets of Judaism.

You've probably already noted that the unifying principle of all the worlds' great religions is Love. Love that recognizes "People are People"
"Do not unto others what you do not want to have done unto you, this is the essence, -- now, go, study the rest."

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

I wish I was more conversant with the Koran so I could quote from it to you.

And that is only touching on some monotheistic faiths that have a common locale of genesis in the Middle East.

These faiths teach of brotherhood/sisterhood, of the value of life and community. Before they got all dogmatic they were a part of the weave of daily life- a way of being as opposed to a creed enforced by a male hierarchy. They offered people ideals of decency and cooperation, reminding us all what it is to be truly human as we move through our common existence. That we are brothers and sisters in the face of the unknown, striving to find meaning and joy in our struggles of being. And for many folks they still do.

Just not to Fundamentalists of any stripe.



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