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Fascism should more
properly be called corporatism since it is
the merger of
state and corporate power

-Benito Mussolini

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"Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government."
-Thomas Jefferson

As things heat up in North Korea I thought I'd offer you some Reverend Moon links dealing with Bush, Rumsfeld and North Korea.

Okee Dokee, it seems that Mr Bush has tapped Josette Shiner to be Deputy of US Trade. Ms Shiner has been a long time follower of Rev Moon of the infamous Unification Church. You may remember him as the second coming of Jesus; or more familiarly the guy those misguided folks sell flowers at the airport for. I'll give you a great link to Cult News that touches on what could be construed as payback to the good Reverend for his lifelong support of the Bush family; a subject that I touched on in horrified amazement a couple months ago.

Now this is America, you can follow any belief system you please. The thing is the area of trade that makes up her purview includes areas the Mr Moon has financial interests in:
Rev. Moon has very substantial business interests in Asia, which includes North Korea, South Korea and China.

The Cult News link and the link I offer are full of information you can explore dealing with a most curious phenomenon. A world leader who claims to read the Christian Bible,daily, who speaks in terms of God also has a history of family and financial ties to a man claiming to be God.

Only in America.

Here, have a taste of Moonism:
New York, New York
January 2, 1996

On the day after the 29th True God's Day, Dr. Pak speaks at an International Leadership Conference. Following Father's instructions, he recounts a detailed report of his year in Japan as a missionary, including his Day of Hope tour and the historical five-city tour of True Mother and President and Mrs. Bush.

On a bit further
I was to take a flight on January 3 at 9:00 a.m. That night Father called me from Korea. Father's voice was very wonderful; I was so glad to hear Father at the beginning of the year. Father asked me, "Bo Hi, have you packed?" "Yes, sir. I'm all packed and ready to go tomorrow morning at 9:00." Then Father said, "Bo Hi, you have no place to go; you are homeless now. You stay in Japan and make your home in Japan." I virtually fainted, because it was totally unexpected. I unpacked, of course.

On a bit further
After I was ordered to stay in Japan as a missionary, I studied Japan. Japan, as you know, is the Eve nation, while Korea is the Adam nation. Korea is the Fatherland of our faith, and the Adam nation needs the Eve nation as the mother nation. Father chose Japan to be the mother nation, the Eve nation. Japan's role is to become the mother of the world, and today Japan is doing that. To make this happen, Father has given his entire heart, energy, and love for Japan.

and then
The success of the Korean-Japanese sisterhood conferences is being expanded through the sisterhood conferences between American and Japanese women. The United States is a difficult country for mission work. They never really opened up their hearts to Father. Americans never accepted him from the bottom of their hearts. Americans are arrogant and rational and very proud, and they consider the Unification Church an Oriental religion. It has never really been accepted by high-level people, the movers and shakers of this country. Young people, yes. College students, yes.

Nora Spurgin told me that Father's sisterhood conferences have completely overwhelmed the American leading classes, including the president, congressmen, senators, future presidents, ministers, educators, you name it.

going on to say
The United States is the only superpower under the sun now. No longer are there dual superpowers. There is one superpower, the United States of America. The leaders of the United States have been mobilized; it is an incredible success.

The American women shed tears from the heart. This is the first time they learned how to cry. Yes, they didn't know they had tears. This time they realized they had tears. They poured out their hearts.

For the first time since Father came to America, he is moving and shaking the entire country through two major forces: one is the Women's Federation, through the sisterhood conferences, and the other is the Washington Times. These are the victories of our True Parents. These are the two victories in America to remember on this, the 29th True God's Day.

Mother Was Number One

Last fall Father organized Mother's tour of Japan accompanied by Barbara and George Bush. Can you imagine a U.S. president, whether an incumbent or a former president, doing anything in a secondary position? They are always number one. A U.S. president is always number one. But this time who was number one? Mother was number one. Their respect for Mother and Father was incredible.

The Japanese people could not believe such a thing was happening. Why? Japan is probably the number two country in the entire world. (Actually, I think Japan is number one, but I am a little prejudiced in favor of Japan.) They are a superpower in a real sense. In economic and military power, the U.S. is number one, but in people power and money power, Japan is number one. The United States today is about to face bankruptcy. The U.S. government has so much debt, while Japan has so much savings. All the savings accounts in the world cannot compare with the Japanese savings. It's like a drop in the bucket compared to Japan. The real power is Japan.

The Japanese people are proud of their accomplishments. They are afraid of nothing. They are not going to bow down to anybody, except one country, the United States, because for 50 years Japan has come under the U.S. defense program, the nuclear umbrella. The United States has protected Japan for 50 years, during which time they built up their economy. Japan knows that the United States is the one country they have to watch out for. This is why Japan respects the United States.

The Japanese also respect anybody with a big nose and blue eyes who speaks perfect English. This is where the Japanese have somewhat of an inferiority complex. In language, English is number one for them.

The U.S. president, therefore, is like the king of the world. The king of the world comes with Mrs. Moon? Impossible, they thought. This must be some kind of trick. When 50,000 people gathered in the Tokyo Dome and the program announced George and Barbara Bush, there were hundreds of people from the media outside and inside. Their palms were sweating as they wondered: Has George Bush really come? There must be some kind of trick. There will probably be a message on the video screen saying, "I'm sorry I couldn't be there in person, but I am there on video."

When George Bush's name was announced, there was wonderful applause. The media said, "No, no. It couldn't be true. It's too good to be true." When George and Barbara Bush, smiling from ear to ear, showed up on the stage, everybody was dumbfounded. They thought it must be a phantom, or maybe somebody put makeup on to look like George and Barbara Bush. They still didn't want to believe it.

Then George and Barbara Bush spoke, supporting Mother's idea for true family and world peace. The audience could not deny that they were George and Barbara Bush. They then thought, "Oh, the Bushes must have been deceived." The opposition was incredible. In the middle of the tour, people wanted to hear George and Barbara Bush say, "Well, we've been tricked. Now we are packing up and going home." They were waiting for that news.

Never in history has a U.S. president traveled to more than two cities in Japan. This time George and Barbara Bush traveled to five cities. No U.S. president has ever set foot on the island of Hokkaido. George and Barbara Bush went to Hokkaido. The citizens of Hokkaido bowed down to Father and Mother, because Father and Mother brought an American president to Hokkaido, the northern island. No president of the United States ever went to Kyushu, the southern island. Then George and Barbara Bush went to Fukuoka, the capital of Kyushu. The people of Kyushu were flabbergasted at Father and Mother's power to tell a U.S. president what to do and plan his schedule. Incredible. This completely changed the attitude of the Japanese government and media toward the Unification community.

From 1988
Finally, all the regional directors, when you report to Father and Mother, you are right. Absolutely Heavenly Father and True Parents made the difference for victory. Jim, I would like you to take this chart with you and add something to it. This shows that without our help George Bush could not win. Those states with close votes, about 10 of them, could have gone the other way. Those 168 electoral votes could have gone to Dukakis without us. If Michael Dukakis got those 168 votes in addition to the 112, he would have gotten 280 votes, more than the 270 he would have needed. That means victory would have gone to Dukakis. This is the kind of thing that really shows we are making a difference. Not just a loud voice, but substantial results.

But I want you to know, as many of you already said, it is God and True Parents who made this victory this year. Father said, behind every bush is a Moonie. Father also said a bush has no trunk. George Bush is all bushes. We are the trunk, Father said. It is another way of explaining how Father's incredible mind is working. Bush has to be molded into a trunk. If he stays a simple bush, he has no power, no energy. In any case, you regional directors, everybody, report in my tradition: give all the glory, all the commitment to the True Parents, period. Because that is what brought the victory. Begin with the glory of True Parents, and close with the victory of True Parents. That is the way you report. Attribute everything to the True Parents.

Well, what I just read seems to state that "God" is on Poppy Bush's side, Mrs God as well; Juniors too do you think?

A bit of Moonie theology, stuff with a nasty anti-Jewish tinge.:
Instead of attacking Jesus directly, Satan interfered with Jesus' mission using an indirect method; he utilized the fallen nature of the Israelites in leading them to betray Jesus. Instead of being able to save all of mankind, Jesus had to be crucified on the cross.

further on:

Therefore, it wasn't Jesus but the Israelites and mankind who should have been crucified. The sinless Messiah was crushed at the hands of Satan.

and finally
It was only because of the betrayal by the Israelites that Christianity had to be established. Now the Divine Principle is God's understanding of the life and death of Jesus. Because of fallen nature and sin, even theologians couldn't understand the broken heart of Jesus and just asked to be given salvation; this is asking for self-centered salvation. Now the time has come to repay Jesus' resentment. Now our Father has come and we are obeying Father as indemnity for the Israelites. By doing this, the mission of Jesus will be fulfilled on the earth.

As if we don't have enough to worry about in these troubled times. Mr Moon, "the Father" is pals with the Bushs and has their support on the world stage. Not simply loopy, the man seems pretty scary-people actually adhere to his beliefs, his claim to divinity.



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