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Fascism should more
properly be called corporatism since it is
the merger of
state and corporate power

-Benito Mussolini

Estimated Prophet
"Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government."
-Thomas Jefferson

This is the fellow that lives in the Whitehouse.

This is the fellow that lives in the White House:
When he enlisted in the Texas Air Guard, Bush had signed a pledge stating he would complete his pilot training and then "return to my unit and fulfill my obligation to the utmost of my ability." Instead, he received flight training--at the government's expense--and then cut out on his unit. He had not been faithful to the Guard. He had not kept this particular charge.

Gleaned over at Democratic Veteran

Mr Martin Heldt, a farmer from Iowa, regular guy like you and me, gathered this assortment of information pointing out that Mr Bush has lied about getting into the Texas Air National Guard and fulfilling his commitment. Why haven't the major media, with paid researchers -the liberal-media reported this? Mr Heldt's article at Tom is a quick informative essential read.

Bush used the connections that come with privaledge to get into the Texas Air National Guard.

Bush subsequently lied about this. Read "Bush's Top 10 Lies, Exaggerations And 'Obsfucations' About His Military Service" for a quick overview.

You'll note the name James R Bath right below George W Bush on this document that proves they both suffered a suspension of flying status do to missing an annual medical exam- that now included drug testing ( link backed up here)
"...Chris Lapetina, a former marine and Democratic political consultant, said controversy about the medical exam could hurt Bush's chances among several voting blocks, including pensioners and veterans. Many servicemen would be upset if they thought a possible future president had avoided an obligatory military examination that included a drug test, he said. 'When someone doesn't take a physical in the military there's got to be very good reason," Lapetina said. "It looks like he made a decision not to take it because the alternative was unpalatable.' " --Sunday Times (UK), 6/17/00

I think this classic "This Modern World" comic says it all. (Disclaimer: Tom Tomarrow (who's comic I've read for years) got me started as a daily blog reader, then I started reading Atrios, Ruminate This, then...)
thank you Tom Tomarrow

When I lived in Oceanside CA, home of Camp Pendleton Marines who couldn't pass the drug test were called 'shitbirds'- I'll stick to chickenhawk though in reffering to Mr Bush. This is a family blog.

Let us get back to James Baker, we have spoken of his defending Saudi nationals in the 9/11 lawsuit that victims of the attacks are bringing, his connections to the Bin Laden family, etc, etc.
Just like Mr Bush, Mr Baker has touched the lives of American service people in a negative way. I'm not talking about anything as brazen as leading our soldiers into an illegal war to or dishonoring their sacrifices for their country by adopting the jet fly-in photo-op like someone who proudly discharged their duty. Mr Baker cancelled an Agent Orange study, a study that could have more speedily helped a great many Veterans of the Viet Nam "Conflict" and their dependents, who are suffering the effects of this dioxin laden herbacide to his day. 21 million gallons of defoliant were used over Viet Nam and Cambodia.
...House Government Operations Committee approved a report "The Agent Orange Coverup: A case of flawed science and political manipulation", HR-101-672, that stated that:

"The White House compromised the independence of the CDC [Centers for Disease Control] and undermined the [Agent Orange] study [of Vietnam Veterans] by controlling crucial decisions and guiding the course of research at the same time it had secretly taken a legal position to resist demands to compensate victims of Agent Orange exposure and industrial accidents."

On page 27, of this Congressional report (101-672), we see that "top administration officials such as Attorney General Edwin Meese and White House Chief of Staff James Baker had ultimate decision making authority for approving and eventually canceling the [Agent Orange] exposure study".

People in Viet Nam are still suffering the effects of Agent Orange. The US government takes no responsibility for the results of its' spraying there..
This poison, a carcinogen once described as "the most toxic molecule ever synthesized by man," infiltrated the country's water and soil, entering the food chain and accumulating in people's tissues, even passing from mother to child through breast milk. According to Vietnamese estimates, the millions of gallons of Agent Orange that soaked the southern half of Vietnam during the 1960s eventually killed or injured 400,000 people and reportedly contributed to birth defects in 500,000 children. Chillingly, its effects are still being felt, not only among older Vietnamese, whose cancers and other illnesses are often linked to Agent Orange, but among second- and third-generation children of the war, whose twisted bodies and crippled minds bear silent witness to the scourge.

Baker and Bechtel both get cameo appearences in this article on DynCorp and the defoliants being used in South America. Will we ever learn?

Remember, the Virtual March On Washington May 22nd, call Mr Bush and your legislators to support our troops, their VA benefits and the schools that their dependents attend. We can make a difference for people that do thier duty for America.



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