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Fascism should more
properly be called corporatism since it is
the merger of
state and corporate power

-Benito Mussolini

Estimated Prophet
"Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government."
-Thomas Jefferson

Did you know that there is a child conservative pundit being published? No, Kyle Williams doesn't write Limbaugh's tripe; but it is refreshing to know as you read a piece that the writer really doesn't know any better, he is just a kid. Maybe he'll grow out of it.

The US government is holding teenagers at Guantanamo Bay. They may shortly be released.
{ Are they Conservative? Yes. Republican? No. Fundamentalist? Yes? Christian? No. (added 5.07)}

The ISM, the organization has admitted having tea with two Britons, one that later blew himself up when a group of 17 people stopped by.
The ISM has had a number of its activists injured and killed:
On March 16, 2003, the first international ISM volunteer was killed when she was run over by an Israeli-driven, American-made bulldozer in Rafah while she was trying to protect the house of a Palestinian doctor from demolition. Rachel Corrie was clearly identifiable in a florescent orange jacket with reflector stripes. Four days later, American volunteer Eric was hit 4 times with rubber-coated steel bullets, though he too was clearly identifiable in a bright yellow vest and he was not standing in the line of Israeli fire at Palestinian children throwing stones. Two weeks later, American volunteer, Brian Avery, was shot in the face with a high caliber bullet in Jenin. He was also wearing a florescent jacket with reflector stripes and was clearly unarmed in an empty street, with his hands in the air, when he was shot by an Israeli soldier from an APC. Only 6 days later on April 11, British volunteer Tom Hurndall was shot in the back of the head from an Israeli military guard tower, while he was escorting Palestinian children out of the line of Israeli fire. Tom now lies comatose at Saroka Hospital in Beersheva, without much hope of survival. Instead of the media asking questions of Israeli authorities as to why these civilians were targeted, why they were hit in the head, or questioning the legitimacy of the Israeli army killing civilians, the media has instead helped blame the victims for their victimization through its reporting

The parents of Tom Hurndall were fired upon while traveling to the spot Where an IDF sniper shot him in the head. Hurndall was trying to get some Palestinian children out of the line of fire at the time. The shooting occured in broad daylight.

In a two week timespan two journalists were killed by the IDF. Like Hurndall they were clearly marked.
The IFJ says that the killing of Nazih Darwazeh, 45, a father of four who was a freelance cameraman who had worked for the Associated Press, was horrifying. "He was wearing brightly coloured, unmistakable clothing clearly marked 'press'," said the IFJ. "It is impossible to ignore the evidence here of soldiers deliberately targeting journalists."

Award-winning cameraman James Miller was filming the demolition of houses for a documentary in the Gaza town of Rafah, the scene of earlier disturbances, when he was shot in the neck. Israeli army spokesmen said he was hit as troops fired in defence, but other witnesses say Miller and two colleagues were simultaneously filming and waving a white flag as they walked toward the tank.

I would not link to this story if I did not have faith in the reportage of Chris Hedges, former reporter for the New York Times. I originally read it in Harpers Magazine. (I have linked to interviews with him earlier on his book "War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning", a book that very clearly speaks to our times. Both google and my search are giving me bogus archive URLs, so here is the NOW Moyers interview)

The boys dart in small packs up the sloping dunes to the electric fence that separates the camp from the Jewish settlement. They lob rocks toward two armored jeeps parked on top of the dune and mounted with loudspeakers. Three ambulances line the road below the dunes in anticipation of what is to come.

A percussion grenade explodes. The boys, most no more than ten or eleven years old, scatter, running clumsily across the heavy sand. They descend out of sight behind a sandbank in front of me. There are no sounds of gunfire. The soldiers shoot with silencers. The bullets from the M-16 rifles tumble end over end through the children's slight bodies. Later, in the hospital, I will see the destruction: the stomachs ripped out, the gaping holes in limbs and torsos.

Yesterday at this spot the Israelis shot eight young men, six of whom were under the age of eighteen. One was twelve. This afternoon they kill an eleven-year-old boy, Ali Murad, and seriously wound four more, three of whom are under eighteen. Children have been shot in other conflicts I have covered—death squads gunned them down in El Salvador and Guatemala, mothers with infants were lined up and massacred in Algeria, and Serb snipers put children in their sights and watched them crumple onto the pavement in Sarajevo—but I have never before watched soldiers entice children like mice into a trap and murder them for sport.

Here are some articles of the same tenor. Scroll down.

In the interest of fairness I will offer this article that intends to refute Hedges claims. But I remain unconvinced.

It is certainly true that no other army has such restrained orders as the Israeli army. True, Israeli soldiers have orders not to shoot unless they are in direct danger. True, Israeli soldiers are instructed never to shoot to kill, and then, to aim only at the source of the shooting, never randomly.

Tell that to Tom Hurndall, I guess folks are supposed to be able to hear you in a coma- but maybe not with massive brain damage from a snipers bullet.


Think, it's Patriotic
Just so you know I really do have a sense of fairplay, I'll share a resource that explores some thought provoking funding sources for left/progressive news outlets.

Disclaimer: In the interest of fairness I will admit I utilize all the resources mentioned except Deep Dish TV; but then I look at NO television at all. Furthermore, if I get a dog, and the dog seems really cool, I'll name him/her Chomsky. Everyone's hero should come complete with extensive footnotes so even if you disagree with him you can fisk him thoroughly, see where he draws his conclussions from. Because it is about thinking, don't you think? Analyzing and drawing ones own conclusions?

Here's some corporate right wing think tank/foundation info...



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