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Fascism should more
properly be called corporatism since it is
the merger of
state and corporate power

-Benito Mussolini

Estimated Prophet
"Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government."
-Thomas Jefferson

Did Bush and company lie to get us into Iraq? Here is an outlay of facts: The Boy who cried Iraq. Read it all.

Can you trust the Government of these United States? Read "A History Of US Secret Human Experimentation" Pretty disturbing. You should do further research on items in this list that interest you; the list itself is very bare bones.

I should thank Gilhool, a friend unmet who sends me lots of great sites to explore. Thank you, Friend.


Take Back the Media is a favorite site of mine; I'm guessing it is a resource that you use too- a resource that you tell all your friends about. Entertaining Flash Videos that say it like it is. Information concerning those hate spewing anti-American goofballs that used to be called shock-jocks and marginalized for their ranting idiocy; but now are promoted as mainstream by their corporate media handlers. Information that helps "We the People" organize and make concerned choices about what companies we support with our consumer dollars.

It seems that Mr Michael "Mike Savage" Weiner has a problem with folks who find his drivel revolting. And more trouble yet with people who democratize his sponsors and their contact info...
What Michael Savage said on his radio show on February 27, 2003:
"You rats! You stinking rats who hide in the sewers! You think you can go after my income? You think you can kill my advertisers? You think I'm Dr. Laura? You think I'm gonna roll over like a pussy? You're wrong. I'm going to find out where you get your money from. You live by handouts, all of you. You live off grants, all of you. You're a bunch of beggars, but you don't know how lucky you are. If you continue this, we're going to go after your funding sources. And we will do everything we can within the legal realm to cut off that funding! We are also going to go to the U.S. Justice Department under John Ashcroft! What you are doing is illegal! You think it's 1965 and I'm South Africa? I've got news for you: it's not 1965 and it ain't South Africa! I'll cut your funding off, and if you break the law any further, I'll put you in jail!"

Not only that, Mr Weiner is sueing Take Back the Media, and Quote taken from TBTM Commentary:
Weiner filed suit against 3 small web sites -,, and Take Back The Media.

We should get something straight here - this isn't about any of the charges in the lawsuit. It's not about loss of revenue, it's not about trademark infringement or defamation or damage to Weiner's reputation. It's not about any of these things.

It's about a large corporation attempting to take away the free speech of regular Americans with a point of view. It's about people with deep pockets using money and influence to run roughshod over people who don't agree with them.

It's about a radio blowhard with pitifully thin skin, whose radio show is failing miserably, and whose TV show can't even finance itself through national advertising due to its toxic, stunted, hateful, pathetic content, taking out his failure on web sites who speak truth to power. It's about boosting ratings, and providing talking points, and throwing red meat to a tiny audience who can't raise themselves out of bed in the morning unless they have a target for their festering hate.

It's about a small-minded bully who has raised professional victimhood to obscene levels. It's about a loudmouth who regularly rants about the evils of 'trial lawyers' hiring batteries of those same evil trial lawyers to intimidate and silence people with a lot less money.

It's about rendering the 'power of the purse' - the right to boycott products, services and media outlets you disagree with - a thing of the past. By equating criticism of hate speech with denying him his a right to make a living, Weiner wants to take your right to protest via boycott away from you.

And if he succeeds against these small web sites of limited resources, he will not stop.

There is a reason our sites have been targeted by this lawsuit. All three sites are tiny operations. TBTM, with a staff of four people, is the biggest of the three. SavageStupidity is run by a huband and wife, and MichaelSavageSucks is a one-man shop. By filing suit against 3 web sites where the principals barely have two dimes to rub together, the chances are better of a slam-dunk for the plaintiff.

There are many sites and organizations - the largest among them the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) - who have been much more aggressive in their actions against Weiner than any of the sites that were sued. GLAAD actually called for a boycott of Weiner's advertisers, and they have a full archive of Weiner's quotes and sound bites (one of the main contentions of the lawsuit) on their site. The difference between GLAAD and TBTM is this - GLAAD has the resources to mount a vigorous defense against a harassment suit such as this without bankrupting themselves, and Weiner is quite simply afraid to try and attack someone who might actually be able to fight back.

Visit the sites linked, get the word out, we need to support these people, regular folks like us working to keep Democracy viable in these Corporate Media controlled times.

I noticed at that the United Church of Christ finds Michael "Mike Savage" Weiner hateful and just plain wrong. has essential contact information on Weiners' sponsors, etc- do the right thing.

Regular folks like us, plain "little people" Bloggers need to organize to be as effective as we can in spreading facts in the face of the amount of mainstream "pseudo" news, Corporate/Government Psy-op "news". And I say this advisedly, please read this link from entitled "America's Matrix", it offers some historical perspective. As for bloggers organizing Cowboy Khalil is onto something in this respect I think. People need to talk to people to get the information out that a Democracy needs to be viable- and I don't mean the "Preacher speaking to the Choir effect". It is late and I'm bouncing thoughts off you... What do you think? How can "We the People" most effectively negate the Democracy deadening effects of the Mighty Wurlitzer , a term describing the control of information and public opinion by the moneyed few, financial influence rewriting both reality nd history as the article shows. Or as any news commentator speaking about the "Liberal" media and it's "insidious" influence demonstrates: the bald facts show that there is no liberal dominance of media. Such realities as the fact that the current occupant of the White House was allowed, assisted is a better word, to lie our Nation into a war the majority of citizens didn't want points out the reality, US popular media is anything but "Liberal". And it certainly is not concerned with fostering Democracy; Democracy would threaten the rich people folks giving themselves tax cuts, while people making under 27,000 dollars a year would not merit the 400 dollar child credit that financially better off Americans rate. (Check out this wealth distribution pie graph out, peruse the site too, please, if you have time)

I miss America. Information is both the stuff that Democracy is made of and the tool that shapes it. How can we best work to claim our nation back? I really feel it is a subtle war of values being waged against decent, honest people, the people that are the majority of Americans. How do we get people talking about our political realities rather than about the TV show of the month?



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