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Fascism should more
properly be called corporatism since it is
the merger of
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-Benito Mussolini

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-Thomas Jefferson
Janklow Fact Sheet (Condensed Version)
Janklow case updates available 12.02.03, 12.03.03 12.04.03 12.06.03 12.11.03
You're hearing a bit about William Janklow in the news lately I'm sure. He is the govenor of South Dakota who recently killed a motorcyclist, Randolph Scott, by running a stopsign at high speed and hitting the man. Here is a pretty good summation of what I have heard about the William Janklow:
State court records show that Janklow got 12 speeding tickets in 11 South Dakota counties from 1990 to 1994 and paid more than $1,000 in fines. He often drove 15 mph to 20 mph faster than legal speed limits and once got caught going 90 mph in a 65-mph zone.

However, Janklow has not been ticketed for speeding since October 1994, just before he was elected to his third term as governor. He served as governor from 1979-1986 and 1995-2002 before being elected to the state's lone House seat last year.

The court records, dating to 1989, also show he was fined in 1992 for following too closely. Records from previous years are not listed in the computer system.

Janklow got several speeding tickets during his first term as governor. He was warned in 1982 that he was in danger of losing his license after being stopped for going 80 mph in a 55-mph zone in Turner County. Janklow had received a similar warning in 1979 during his first year in office.

I find the above troubling. But not nearly as troubling as what I don't see in the mainstream news. Concerning motor vehicle violations, are you aware the Mr Janklow has been arrested for drunk driving, disorderly conduct, assaulting an officer and indecent exposure? Read the rest of the affidavit to see Janklow was wearing no pants at the time. And that he also tried to outrun the officers in his vehicle, something we see no further charge for, leading one to think they were being pretty decent to him, overall.
There are also allegations of Janklow riding around the reservation shooting dogs. This accusation is held up in his Disbarment Proceedings, Proceedings he did not attend, nor contest. Please read the linked statement by Judge Mario Gonzalez. You'll note by reading this telegram there seems to be government collusion involved in seeing justice is not served.

The most serious of "allegations" against this long time friend of Mr Bush is that he raped 15 year old Jancita Eagle Deer, his children's babysitter. A letter he wrote the BIA in 1983 states he was her guardian at the time. Although doctors had testified about the evidence of the attack and young Miss Eagle Deer had identified Janklow as the assailant he was never brought to trial. A warrant to apprehend was finally issued November of 1974, as a result of his disbarment case brought before Judge Gonzalez.
A very strong "allegation".
Here is how Peter Matthiessen in his book "In the Spirit of Crazy Horse" relates it:
"On January 14, 1967, according to delegates from the Rosebud Reservation, a fifteen-year-old student at the Indian boarding school named Jancita Eagle Deer reported to her school principal that she had been raped on her way home the night before by her legal guardian, a young white lawyer named William Janklow, who was serving effectively as director of the tribe's Legal Services program, and was therefore friendly with a number of people who would later become his enemies. ... The principal had escorted the girl to the hospital; the hospital records included evidence suggesting that the attack had occurred. A complaint was made to a BIA investigator, who filed a report recommending that Janklow be prosecuted. But no help was available from the Legal Services program, and the case had been smoothed over by the FBI. In a January 16 report, Agent John Penrod stated that "it was impossible to determine anything," and Richard G. Held (Special Agent in Charge in Minneapolis and later a leading FBI official at Wounded Knee) concluded six weeks later that there was "insufficient evidence, allegations were unfounded; we are therefore closing our files on the matter." Meanwhile, Jancita, ashamed when the ugly story spread, had lost progress in school and finally disappeared from the reservation. Jancita's stepmother, Delphine Eagle Deer, swore she would prove that her daughter had been raped by William Janklow, but she never did. Mrs. Eagle Deer ... died after a beating by the BIA police, who left her unconscious in a winter field."

Janklow and FBI agent David Price sued Mattheissen over the veracity of the reports in his book. Their case was thrown out of court.

Ms Jancita Eagle Deer was found dead under suspicious circumstances a few months after Janklow's Disbarment proceedings.

At sixteen years of age Janklow was convicted of sexual assault of a seventeen year old woman.
... Janklow had been brought before juvenile court in 1955 at the age of sixteen for allegedly having assaulted a seventeen-year-old girl in Moody County, South Dakota. Although the juvenile records were confidential, Sande repeated in public the rumor that the juvenile offense had been rape. Janklow said that the juvenile delinquency petition against him was dismissed, and that the alleged offense was not rape. "it didn't go that far:' he told the media, "but it was preliminary to that sort of thing"

The railroading of Leonard Peltier (and attempted railroading of other AIM members) and becomes evident when one sees Janklows involvement in the timeline of events (scroll down to footnote 142). Remember he was Attorney General while the FBI armed and assisted Dick Wilson and his GOONs in terrifying Traditional folks of the Pine Ridge Reservation. People who didn't want to sell off their Sacred Lands and resources. Folks who died and whose killers have never been brought to justice.
For example, during 1975-76, the head of the federally imposed puppet government on Pine Ridge, Richard Wilson (head of the local death squads, known as "GOONs"), signed over approximately one-eighth of the reservation--without tribal consent--to the U. S. Park Service. The ceded area is believed to be rich in uranium and is suspected of being used to accommodate a high-level nuclear waste dump. The AIM people would have resisted such a land transfer. It was therefore necessary to tie them up in other matters or simply liquidate them.

Similarly, as governor of South Dakota, William Janklow has proved most accommodating to the sort of corporate penetration of the state which its inhabitants--red and white alike--have historically resisted. Only in appearing as the whites' savior from the "red menace" has Janklow been able to achieve a status which allows him to convert the area into what has been termed a "national sacrifice area." Under his handling, it has been estimated that a combination of energy extraction and the demands placed upon South Dakota's feeble ground water resources by industry will have rendered the western half of the state uninhabitable by the turn of the century.

Read about "National Sacrifice Areas" Food for thought...

This has been a modest attempt to fill you in on the character of William Janklow. Let us see if this time, this once, justice is served.
Documents pertinent to the Jancita Eagle Deer case: . (Read the Letter to John Ashcroft, scroll down for documents)
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