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Fascism should more
properly be called corporatism since it is
the merger of
state and corporate power

-Benito Mussolini

Estimated Prophet
"Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government."
-Thomas Jefferson
Some Thoughts
Halloween just passed; we speak a bunch here about folks in costume, folks masquerading in positions in government- Mr Bush, unelected, selected by partisan Supreme Court Justices in fact. Again, Mr Bush, all dressed up in his flyboy drag to land on the Abraham Lincoln although he was AWOL from his Air National Guard service, a photo-op of the rankest Hypocrisy. We could talk about William Bennett the chest thumping moraliser unmasked as a gambler; he'd laid odds we would never hear of his addiction- but lost.
But I'm not barking up the tree of Right Wing Hypocrisy. Sadly, the hypocrisy seems endemic.
As we see and hear so many folks vying to be President I'd like you to sharpen your awareness, tune in your bullshit detector to the Demuplican/Republicrat. A sort of Republican lite. When you talk middle of the road politics "We the People" are marginalized as a "special interest group" Which we are in the finest sense, who can be of a more special interest in a "heavily democratic"system than the actual "Demos", the people. But our Republic's interests are a bit askew now, Business is the predominant interest of Government.
I'll be leaving the question of just what our two party system means in these days of corporate control of both the political process and parties to the attitude management through media control...
As a Progressive I see many candidates, hear a lot of sound bite rhetoric but see little substance among them. I try to look into the speaker a bit, and don't take anything for granted because if one takes long enough, looks deeply into world events there are very telling connections to be made. Connections that tell a story much different from the ones ersatz ernest corporate pitchmen tell us of themselves, the media portrayed "in the box" perspective we are to believe complete with baby kissing pictures and stories of Mom's apple pie cooling on the windowsill.
Al Gore. The left's guy, right? Maybe in soundbite land, or on the McNews, but what if one draws some connections between people and events in the real world?
We might not be fighting in Iraq today without Mr Bush as pResident (Tie on the tinfoil beanie, we might not have suffered 9/11, but hey, think it through yourself...) but would we be fighting in Columbia?
Al Gore and his family have had lifetime links with Occidental Petroleum. ( A Democracy Now! audio file from August 2000 tells more) The fellow who wrote Earth in the Balance" an optimistic and intelligent analysis of what we are doing to our physical world. Although he saw the Kyoto Protocol so in keeping with his book signed, Clinton/Gore never put it before Congress for ratification and in fact worked to undermine it. Granted, Senate Republicans would have fought it tooth and nail. Bush came out officially against the Protocol- but was that any worse than sitting on it when you have the "Bully Pulpit"? Mr Bush and his party have stood by Occidental Petroleum as well, subsidizing the company to the tune of $3.00 a barrel of oil to protect its' Columbian Canon-Limon pipeline. You might want to look into Occidental's use of drug funded right wing paramilitary groups for security and the atrocities they commit.
You can see the oil/defense industry connections in each days news articles. Who is making money on the occupation of Iraq? Who is dying and suffering pay and benefit cuts? There seems to have been a replacing Right initiation of class war here at home. Do you here/see much about it in the media? What terms is this phenomena couched in when you do?
I need to admit that Mr Gore said he would strengthen The Clean Air Laws. He would have kept drilling off many US land ie ANWR.
Although Mr Gore was said to have enjoyed pot and that his sister got benefit from it he, like so many of todays presidential hopefuls backpedaled on the issue. Much like Mr Bush, Rush, Gore and Clinton (I should't forget Newt) America's elite can "still get by" even after drug use.
I guess what I want to highlight is that even candidate that knows better is beholden to his financial supporters and the realities of corporate driven politics. And in a world where thinking folks, seeing the way our country is being stained and pillaged say " Anyone but Bush in 2004" we need to be especially cautious in our analysis of the candidate's stands on the issues, to take the time to dig deeper, to find the connections. As always, in a two party winner take all system the difference in the candidates unfortunately need be profound. Or speak to the will of the people. When centrist candidates are labeled "progressive" and radical in the press you can see we are not being served, the "WE" that make up the majority of America. The winners make the rules as our present tax and environmental situation shows; when oil compant profits and corporate greed take the fore as they obviously do in this dollar driven corporate climate we need to be aware and to speak out about the realities as we see them.
We need our country back.
The Center for Public integrity offersThe Buying of the President 2004.
The Real Al Gore on the Environment links page.



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