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Fascism should more
properly be called corporatism since it is
the merger of
state and corporate power

-Benito Mussolini

Estimated Prophet
"Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government."
-Thomas Jefferson
AWOL: A Study in Hypocrisy
Just as it was in the days of the founders, the struggle to ensure that media serve some common good, as opposed to merely the private interests of media owners and their powerful allies, goes to the heart of whether the United States will be a free and functional democracy.

Thai Farmers half a world away from here put a curse on Mr Bush and we can't even get the Beltway bound US media to tell us the truth about him.

Soldiers are considered deserters when they remain AWOL for over 30 days. When soldiers return to military control, they are usually charged with desertion and can receive a court-martial for the offense.
These punishments do not only affect an AWOL soldier's future military career but also his life when he returns to civilian society.

But not if you have pull. And the Bush family name.
Not only can you be a "C" student and attend America's most prestigious schools, you can walk away from 1,000,000 dollars worth of Air National Guard pilot training, against orders and still be made President. Only in ruling class America...
Please look at this list of direct Bush Lies concerning his Air National Guard "experience". It, like much of his actual biography, is a tale of political influence and favoritism, a tale too long for me to recount here.
The media can access the truth as easily as you or I can. Why isn't the truth about this man ever discussed, say on television.But you can easily read the whole story of his military nonservice, here on the internet?

The hypocrisy of an AWOL sitting in the White House, bearing the mantle of "Commander-in-Chief is appalling, and newsworthy, especially since he can get away without question the playing up of his military/ presidential solemnity at the tomb of the Unknowns:
"We have laid to rest young men and women who died in distant lands," Bush said after visiting Arlington National Cemetery and laying a wreath there.

This points out the irony of him attending that solemn event and stating "we":
Unlike Presidents Reagan, Bush I and Clinton, who all attended memorial ceremonies for troops killed in overseas terrorist attacks, Bush II declines to be present at services for soldiers who have died in Iraq.

Your "Mission Accomplished" and "Bring em on" are what are ringing through my mind this Veterans Day.

Soldiers are still dying. Remember Afghanistan? Can you believe US soldiers and Afghanistan civilians died only to have the present administration cozying up to the Taliban again?
All that remains is to get out, as the US has little interest in what happens to the country next. As such, it is actively engaged in discussions with so-called "moderate" Taliban to involve them in the Kabul government, as this could result in bringing stability to the country, and allow the US to depart gracefully.

Here is a flash media piece (requires flash player) concerning Mr Bush and his time spent AWOL from Take Back the Media. It will take a minute to load if you use a dial-up connection.
Photocopies of documents showing Bush AWOL status (scroll down) and link footnoted account of "discrepancies" that pepper his explanatory accounts...
A comprehensive collection of Bush documents gathered by a "regular guy" like you or me documenting Bush's incomplete flirtation with the Texas Air National Guard.


Although I am just a plain old American, one of the hoi polloi, George Soros and I have something in common: We are dedicating our lives at present to seeing Mr Bush defeated. I wish I was rich instead of handsome, but hey, I do what I can for the cause of Truth and Democracy. And they are clearly on our side.
It will be so good to see someone elected put in the White House, don't you think?



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