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Fascism should more
properly be called corporatism since it is
the merger of
state and corporate power

-Benito Mussolini

Estimated Prophet
"Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government."
-Thomas Jefferson
The Greatest Story Never Told
"There can be no peace without law. And there can be no law if we were to invoke one code of conduct for those who oppose us and another for our friends" --President Dwight Eisenhower

How can it be that International Law is applied only to who the United States chooses? If you take a look at thirty years of United States vetoes at the UN you get a sense of a certain bias, a bias reflected in the latest veto concerning stopping the Israeli Apartheid Wall, as it often happens the sole veto. Selective justice is not justice.

Could selective justice be why the US and Israel are seen by many to be the largest threats to world peace?

David Ben Gurion, wrote to his son 11 years before the birth of the Jewish state: "Negev land is reserved for Jewish citizens whenever and wherever they want. We must expel the Arabs and take their place." By 1951, fewer than 13,000 inhabitants remained of a community that numbered somewhere between 70,000 and 90,000 in the late 1940s.

In Israel another people that suffer for State want of their land are the semi-nomadic Bedouins. Although they have lived on their lands for 1000 years or more the state of Israel create retroactive zoning laws classifying the areas of their villages "non-residential", making the Bedoins traditional homesites illegal. It also allows the Israeli government not provide essential services such as electricity, water and sanitation. Since there are no municipalities, these people cannot get a license to build. Their traditional proofs of ownership are not recognized by Israeli courts. These citizens are also subject to having their homes destroyed so they can be moved to cramped towns where they cannot practice their traditional way of life.
The Bedouin who had not fled or been terrorized from their tribal lands during the war were "transferred" in the 1950s, either to the center of the country, to ghettoes attached to towns like Ramle and Lod, where many work as low-wage manual laborers.
The Negev area in which the Bedouin were concentrated came to be known as the "siege zone": a ring of Jewish settlements was established to contain the Bedouin, while their lands were further whittled away through the construction of industrial areas, more military zones and conservation parks, and an airport. Each village was encircled and separated from its neighbors by new Jewish farms, settlements or development towns. Today the Bedouin, a quarter of the Negev's population, occupy just 2 percent of its land.

Negez is home to Israel's Nuclear Reactor, as well as the states Nuclear arsenal. WMD's for short.
PM Ben Gurion consistently refused to allow international inspections. The final resolution was a commitment from Israel to use the facility for peaceful purposes, and an agreement to admit a US inspection team once a year. These inspections, begun in 1962 and continued until 1969, were only shown the above-ground part of the buildings, which continued down many levels underground. The above ground areas had simulated control rooms, and access to the underground areas was kept bricked up while the inspectors where present.

The government of Israel had atomic weapons by 1967 or '69 depending on the source of information. Israel now has submarines carrying US supplied Harpoon cruise missiles fitted with nuclear warheads

"Why should I move into a recognized village. My family has been on this land since before the Turks came, before the British, before the Israelis. There are 1,500 Bedouin buried in our family plot, that's how long we have been here," -- Abu Jledan

The man quoted above has to deal with punitive measures dealt out by the so called "Green Patrol" a paramilitary "environmental" group founded by then agricultural minister Ariel Sharon to destroy homes and confiscate Bedouin livestock. They also oversee the spraying of these people's food crops with herbicide.

Just so you are clear; the folks suffering all this at the hands of Israel are not the people who's plight is so easily palmed off with the epithet "Terrorist". Yet these indigenous souls suffer the same blatant disregard for property rights, human rights and life itself.
But the native never lost his "last spark of hope". The spark was not extinguished in 1948, when 750,000 Palestinians were terrorized, uprooted and expelled, several decades after Moshe Sharret announced, "We have not come to an empty land but we have come to conquer a country from people inhabiting it"; several years after David Ben-Gurion declared, "I support compulsory transfer. I do not see anything immoral in it"; and several months after Menachem Begin gloated over "a splendid act of conquest " the rape and massacre of 254 Palestinians at Deir Yassin. The spark was not extinguished in 1967, when Israel grabbed the remaining 22% of Palestine and began its military occupation as its war hero Moshe Dayan kindly informed the natives, "You shall continue to live like dogs."

"Possession is nine-tenths of the law," says Michael Jankelowitz, liaison to foreign media for the Jewish Agency for Israel, the chief overseas beneficiary of the North American federation system that is helping Israel finance the plan.

How blind, how morally blind need one be to miss the irony of that statement? And why does the truth about land issues not appear in the media?
Imagine the ruckus to be raised if we in America had a paramilitary environmental group. And rightly so I'd have to say if the paramilitary groups main focus was collective punishment that had a rascist genocidal focus. What does it say about a country that claims to be a Democracy that only grants full citizenship with all it's benefits to only one group of its population? That practices collective punishment that includes the destruction of homes as well as food crops?

We in America need to be aware of the truth in these matters. As the UN and the Palestinian people push for peace the Likud party of Ariel Sharon defies the will of that world wide Democratic body, the very Democratic body that breathed life into the dreams of Zionists for a homeland in Palestine by creating Israel in 1948; to grasp at land and water resources that International law clearly states belongs to the people it always has. The people who lived on that soil for untold generations. And our US tax dollars help enable this.When Tom Delay can say
"I didn't see any occupied territory, I only saw Israel."

you are hearing a denial of International Law, of UN Mandate and it should trouble you. I have heavily linked this post so you can use it as a learning tool. "A land without people for a people without land" is a propaganda slogan widely circulated. Learn the truth behind the headlines. Politicians crave PAC money for their campaigns from people with a bent not for justice but for domination. For land but not life. Stand up for the truth.

Tricks and Treachery are the practice of fools who don't have the brains to be honest"--Benjamin Franklin


A follow up to my post on industrial meat production, I offer you"The Meatrix". This really well done flash animation also give resources to learn more as well as to act. Family farms are essential to America, the site offered is a good resource to learn more.

Totally on a different subject but worthy of note: "Cocaine delivered to second school: Cafeteria worker finds drug in box of meat" Read the links that Al offers. A military supplier connection? Remember DynCorp?

A follow up on a piece I did concerning societal factors influencing "family styles" that tend to increase violence while fostering a citizenry comfortable with authoritarianism (Right Wing Repression reaping what it sows, anger and sexual repression, which oddly enough creates more angry uptight Right Wingers on and on...) that also considers the James Prescott article I cited having to do with lack of premarital sexual expression as well as a lack of human warmth, touch and attention in early childhood being linked to later violence and authoritarianism. One theory that Dave Pollard links to augments my original posting; it refers to work by Edward T. Hall which describes "behavioral sink". Behavioral sink refers to the societal effects of overcrowding as observed in mice. These critters developed behaviors that seem pretty obviously manifest in our busy crowded industrial world. One needs to consider that stimuli such as noise and information overload increase the amount of space an individual needs.
Check Edward T. Hall out at your local library. The name of the book that deals with the above is "The Hidden Dimension"



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