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Fascism should more
properly be called corporatism since it is
the merger of
state and corporate power

-Benito Mussolini

Estimated Prophet
"Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government."
-Thomas Jefferson
Janklow Trial: Will Justice Be Served?
Residents fear Janklow, a dominant figure in South Dakota politics for nearly three decades, won't be held responsible for Scott's death. They also are concerned that Scott will be forgotten amid the scrutiny of a high-profile trial of a political icon.

"It should be black and white and done with and all over," said Doug McClure, a friend who lives in nearby Luverne. "But I just have got a gut feeling that the political ballgame will take over and (Janklow) will get out. If it was you and me, it would be done and over with.

"I think he'll get by with a hand slap and (a fine), and I don't expect him to do jail time."

It seems no matter how arrogant, how flagrant a crime is when it is committed by someone Elite, with connections justice need not be served.
Whatever the case, we will see. But it looks pretty cut and dried.
I have offered some character background on William Janklow in the form of official affidavits and the like back in September. He is obviously a not nice human being. He is on trial for vehicular manslaughter after killing a man when running a stop sign. He ran the stopsign and then asked a witness if the witness saw the car he swerved to miss. The witness did not. This statement can also be heard on a highway patrol tape of the incident. Janklow admitted later there was no car. Janklow has a history of speeding violations. His attorney claims Janklow suffered a diabetic reaction around the tme of the accident, while witnesses point out he appeared fine. A Responsible diabetic folks take him to task for this.
A women claims that Janklow had sped recklessly through the same intersection last December nearly killing her and her family.
Read the list of facts I offered in September on Janklow, things documenting him getting caught drunken driving with no pants on. Fighting with police officers. He seems a study in rascist arrogance, of all that is wrong with humanity. Read todays links. Then follow the news. Are you hearing the facts I documented? A good man died. A fellow with a checkered and shameful past, including forcible rape of a minor he had guardianship of, this man, a Bush family friend is charged with the death.
How do you predict it will come out?


Repocrat Defined: Persons in government that realize Democracy is paid for by vigilance and action and are only too willing to repossess Democracy due to a peoples lack of keeping Democracies account current. See Plutocrat, Oligarch, Kleptocrat.

I'm sure that the ultraviolent treatment of people in Miami protesting the FTAA is not "news" to you, although unless you got your information from alternative news sites the extent of militarized force against the folks practicing that most Democratic of principles, peaceful dissent was glossed over. Imagine if the news media was so controlled during the US civil rights movement...

The GOP faithful are to be wining and dining on a proposed luxury cruise liner docked on the Hudson. What an incredible metaphor this offers. Just as the party of the Corporate elite cavorting offshore in reality free luxury bubble is a telling metaphor so is the fact that the city the Republican Convention is occupying demonstrates daily, very visibly, the ever widening gap between the rich few and the poor majority in America. A widening fostered by Republican policy.

There is a movement to organize a massive protest during the Republican Convention.
I'm going to offer you some resources.
Counter Convention
RNC not Welcome
A Ward Harkavy article heavy with informative links
As well as for the Republican National Convention United for Peace and Justice is planning a Global Day of Action on March 20th, 2004, the one year anniversary of the attack on Iraq.

Info on the Democratic National Convention as it unfolds. This is what I've found about organization. This about Secret Service "jurisdiction" over what is defined as a "national special security event". This about National Guardsmen and police from other localities in Boston.
The Democratic Leadership Council and the DNC need to know America in its majority care about the issues. That we realiize our needs are different than their corporate funders, even if we have only them as an option to vote out the current regime.

Check out Demilitarize the Police.

Food for thought...


An interview with economist Doug Henwood:
There's been an increase in the level of pre-tax inequality. And in the last few years the tax system has gotten more regressive, so that's certainly adding to it. But if you look at the sorts of things promoting the pre-tax inequality, they include union-busting, erosion of the value of the minimum wage--the general things you associate with our very weak labor market protections. There aren't many other civilized countries where the at-will employment doctrine holds. It's hard to fire people in other countries. Here it's very easy. So a lot of it has to do with the whole institutional/legal structure, which is what allows employers to pay next to nothing and offer no benefits. It's the American way of economic life.

But the media is telling us that the economy is improving. Jobs are being created. But what does your experience in the world at large tell you?
Read Nathan Newman and set the hype aside. Look in his sidebar and click on the articles filed under "Is This Growth Real?" Compare what you learn with the crappolla flowing out of your TV, your radio. With the experience of your family and friends. The media has a vested interest in lying to you. What if you don't spend extravagently for the holidays? Now that will be a Corporate bummer. And media ad revenues will plummet.
Having a traditional family Christmas time will wake 'em up.



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