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Fascism should more
properly be called corporatism since it is
the merger of
state and corporate power

-Benito Mussolini

Estimated Prophet
"Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government."
-Thomas Jefferson
Estimated Prophet: A Birthday "Thank You"
Been lacking both the time and mental energy to do this project justice over the last few days.

Estimated Prophet is one year old. I thank the 17,000+ visitors that have come by for taking the time to read my posts and for writing me with links and opinions as well as leaving comments throughout the year. You don't have to agree with me; follow the links I offer as endnotes, I appreciate the differences of opinions we may hold. My hope is that we both benefit from the dialogue. I know I do. This many folks coming by, especially considering my two month spring hiatus hiking and camping as well as seeing the Dead tour, really makes all the work involved in the attempts here at good posting well worth it. All the thinking and drawing connections and linking has enriched my life; I hope your struggle to make sense of our world has also been furthered.

Staying apprised of the news, making connections among the key players and policy takes a bunch of effort, blogging makes this search for truth seem much more fruitful because we can share what we discover so readily. I'd also like to thank the folks that link to my efforts. If a regular guy like me can winnow through the reportage of daily events and point out the BS everyday Americans are being served as "news" paid mainstream reporters should be able to as well. It seems at best that they are ignorant or lack the will or at worst are unconcerned with context and the focus I feel news reporting is about; that is truth, giving people the facts and background information needed to effectively draw their own conclusions concerning events pertinent to effectively living in the limited Democracy that is our nation.

I should thank some of my fellows individually, and will at a later point as I have time and energy. My sidebar is full of news sources as well as the writings (blogs) of concerned conscious individuals. At this point in the history of our country we need to speak out, to let our countrymen know that it is more than alright to point out the Emperor has no clothes; it is an essential part of being a citizen of our country as well as of the Earth.

The present regime here at home, with the collaboration of corporate America and the mainstream media it owns both outright and by its support through advertising dollars has subverted Democracy from the time it was foisted on us by the right-wing members of the Supreme Court. Abundant instances of lying from events concerning 9/11 to the reasons for attacking Iraq to legislative issues such as who benefits from Medicare reform, or the Bush tax cuts working for the common American, to name a few, need to be exposed to light.

Blogging has been an eye opening experience for me. I've written on subjects that I found unsavory, people who I respect that have been caught doing unethical things, admitting when I was holding an inaccurate opinion. Because this project is about truth. If I am not honest, how can I demand "real" reporters to be honest.

As we have clearly seen in the last year, information is a weapon. A sincere website might not be mightier than the concentrated efforts of corporate media, of the "mighty wurlitzer" of disinformation aimed at shaping public opinion;
but the factual basis for progressive stands on the issues cannot be denied. The average American is a decent sort, learning the truth behind current events allows us all to act in a manner consonant with our core values, the values our founding fathers saw as the only hope for a country to be populated by a free people. The limited Democracy we do have is a weighty responsibility.

Without facts and context the average citizen is prey to those speaking stridently against our best interests. Some are not so strident; check what you know against what even public radio offers us. When you are offered information
concerning how a candidate looks rather than what the candidate's stand is on the issues, without a word concerning their past actions and attitudes as recorder in the public domain it is plain that the public is not being served. When you hear folks from the American Enterprise Institue debating a fellow from the Heritage Foundation it is clear that the voice of the average working person is not being heard. I've heard Howard Dean's "confederate flag" comment taken out of context more than once on NPR, by folks paid to know better. A supposedly "liberal bastion". Center-Right commentators chatting with Far-Right figures does not enliven political dialogue, does nothing to enliven public discourse in what we are told is a Democracy.

Talk to everyone you know when you read deeply of current events. Thinking is one of the most Patriotic things we can do in the new millennium, and one of the most countercultural. Acting on the truth we find, revealing it and sharing it is incredibly powerful. How we walk our truth in daily life makes a difference. A well crafted letter to the editor can enlighten many. You and I might not be remembered like Thomas Paine or George Seldes (If you say "George who?", get your favorite search engine going) but what we do know concerning the state of our nation is crucially important. Speak truth to power; to your friends and co-workers, folks in line at the grocery store- create dialogue. Act on what you know. Cutting through the smoke and mirrors that obscure a better world is an essential activity.

The Internet, the World Wide Web is a powerful tool in getting to the heart of matters, a tool anyone with a computer can use to discern the reality behind the news and disseminate what they learn. A person just needs the will to resist being bamboozled, to exercise their care for a country and world we love. For a future we long to offer our children, and their children, and theirs....

In whatever framework you use to ethically navigate our world I thank you. Religious or secular. I wish you health and peace in your endeavors to help us all move forward, a better world is possible. "We the People" are the only viable solution. Being a conscious political person is not about merely being "right", it is about learning and growing and putting our intellects in service to better our present American and world reality. Fortunately being Progressive in philosophy lets all those aims coincide.
m prophet



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