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Fascism should more
properly be called corporatism since it is
the merger of
state and corporate power

-Benito Mussolini

Estimated Prophet
"Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government."
-Thomas Jefferson

Working on a post dealing with "Continuity of Government" - it is lengthy work and I just can't finish it tonight. Will post tomarrow.
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Been lax about blogging, but out in the world, living, breathing, being with people has been sweet. Being human, in a word.

This life experience we are gifted with is a shared one, fleeting and poignant as it is.

Spent last evening at a poetry reading; lots of people of good will sharing out their takes on just what it is to be experiencing life in this world, navigating being in our skins, relating, being with the joys and pains of personhood, of couplehood, of community. How words in sound and image can create something more, meaning stretched beyond simple denotation.

In the company of woodland flute players today and this evening. Sharing smiles, acquaintance, food and sweet music.
Seeing the beauty that human hands can create; a pretty amazing thing, that hands and brain can create a beautiful musical instrument that allows one to express the wonder, beyond words, that our being is. Seeing and being a part of the interplay that is music happening.

The subtlety of the wonder that is the "mundane" (if only commonsense where more common among the ruling elite) transmuted by intent to the proper level of sacred joy. The secret revealed: all is wholly whole, life as gift celebrated in it's proper light. Holy. As the past days remind me we are more than that which is apparent at the surface, than that which tends to get lost in the unconcious rush we are often subjected to in our busy world.

Ok, so I'm outted, an ecstatic panentheist in his element, the world of flesh and blood, the constant miracle we take for granted elevated by our conscious participation, the ancient mystery revealed to be closer than our breath, than the blood coursing through our veins- and as innate, to our experience of embodiment.

Listen. Be kind. Judge not. Share. Love, because you're able. Smile, because you know- we all do.

We are the majority. Let that little bell ring in your head/heart. Any time you look at your watch, know the basic truth of this fleeting existence, that we are more than individual consuming units, atomized by an overculture that tries to drown the truth of our way in the world out with the trappings of modern life. Truth, on all its levels is powerful.

Take heart in this. Let it be the base you work from as you work for the world you know is possible. We have truth on our side, both in the day to day micro and the macro view of life on the social stage. Another world is possible, based on the enduring truths of humanity as they have been passed through the ages. The sun my heart, not the tv, not the monitor, not the latest fashion trend. That which endures. What we each are, those active verbs that describe our bittersweet predicament linguistically. Conscious loving being. Can't put it in a box, can't wipe it out with force and fear, can't sell it on the freemarket.

The most countercultural activity in our world: to affirm life, to struggle to set our world situation in its proper order, to honor our children and those who have come before by our very being in the face of it all. To act on our conscious knowledge of what our experience is and means, even if that itself cannot readily be spelled out, put into words.

I'll be back posting, sweetly re-aquianted with the depth of why I put time into this pursuit, why frying my eyes on this monitor is such a big part of my day to day life. We are all in this together. A better world is not only possible but essential if further generations are to enjoy this gift of conscious breath and pulse. Of hopes and dreams, of fresh air and clean water. Of love and true humanity, the only sure gifts we can pass on other than their initial embodiment.

Share what you know. Who/what you are. What you aspire to. Shine as only you can. We collectively have a lot of work ahead of us, as it ever has been. And we know what true progress is. Play at this great work. Dance with its adversity.
Life is too important to get all serious about, to serious to forget what is important.

Live. Truly live. The "powers that be" are marketing existence to us. Existence falls far short of LIFE. They have the audacity, wiles and cultural tools to attempt this- PR, psychology, media- look how this war was sold to us, how innocents killed are "collateral damage", how what the present administration said last year is being sanitized as if we can be cowed into forgetting the non existent threats we where regaled with, nukes and chemicals and germs that became possible nukes and chemicals and germs that morphed into nuke and chemical and germ plans on paper, maybe. "Bring em on" from a fellow that didn't only never see combat but has the audacity to strut around in a flight suit under a photo op sign that said "Mission Accomplished" while he reneged on his Texas Air National Guard promise- and has never once honored the folks he sent overseas that came back in body bags, attending not one funeral. Seeing the truth out is larger than setting our country on the proper course. We need to show our children that truth and honesty are the human way, not just the American. That these are the moral values of our society on the whole, not just we decent "little" people. That the Enron, WorldCom, Tyco liars are a shameful aberation in our culture.
As are a lying administration. Otherwise, what are they learning from these figure in the public eye?

You may fool all the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all the time; but you can’t fool all of the people all the time.-- Abraham Lincoln



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