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Fascism should more
properly be called corporatism since it is
the merger of
state and corporate power

-Benito Mussolini

Estimated Prophet
"Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government."
-Thomas Jefferson
Domestic Disinformation
"... a principle familiar to propagandists is that the doctrine to be instilled in the target audience should not be articulated: that would only expose them to reflection, inquiry, and, very likely, ridicule. The proper procedure is to drill them home by constantly presupposing them, so that they become the very condition for discourse"--Noam Chomsky

Administration sources tell TIME that employees at the Department of Homeland Security have been asked to keep their eyes open for opportunities to pose the President in settings that might highlight the Administration's efforts to make the nation safer. The goal, they are being told, is to provide Bush with one homeland-security photo-op a month.

A Department of Homeland Security function that I was unaware of. Technically I'm guessing "posing" the President for a photo-op once a month to "highlight the Administration's efforts to make the nation safer" is taxpayer funded propaganda. As well as taxpayer funded campaigning, subtle or not.

The Department of Homeland Security also would like to use the entertainment industry to help us have "the proper perspective" on it's message and mission. In seeking to fill the DHS "entertainment liaison officer" position that would
facilitate a Homeland Security/Hollywood nexus the strategic power of "entertainment" as propaganda is clearly recognized, as is the industries willingness to work hand-in-hand with the DHS.
Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge is aware of the entertainment industry's impact on the department's image. While on a recent visit to Los Angeles, he met with entertainment industry executives who asked him how they could help the Homeland Security effort, Scolinos said.

The Pentagon has a long history of working with film makers. Film producers get access to military equipment, bases and consultants. The military gets last word on scenarios offered and dialogue.
"There was a tension, almost until the day filming began, which manifested itself in our comments which went unanswered by in subsequent drafts of the script. When the filmmakers realized that unless the services were satisfied with the script, approval would not be granted, the changes were finally made."
further on
In short," Major Georgi wrote of the changes, "military depictions have become more of a 'commercial' for us."

The Pentagon has had good success with the use of PR biggies The Rendon Group to shape our perceptions for both Gulf Wars.

Karen Ryan, the PR professional that read the governments new Medicare bill propaganda, ending her reports with
"In Washington, I'm Karen Ryan reporting." is reported to have made a career over the last few years of posing as a "reporter" to promote her clients products.

"In my experience over the past thirty years, every White House- save one,the Gerald Ford White House -has on occasion willfully misled or lied to the press."--David Gergan

Dr Nancy Snow offers background on the history of US foreign and domestic propandanda campaigns, their techniques and targets. Eye opening stuff.
It's from the IPA that we get the so-called 7 "tricks of the trade" in propaganda campaigns: name calling (bad label for an idea), glittering generalities (associating your campaign with a virtuous concept like freedom or democracy), transference (using authority and prestige to transfer message), testimonials (celebrity endorsements), plain folks ("of the people" is always good), card stacking (selection of facts or illustrations to prevent best and worst case scenarios), and band wagon (everybody is doing it; "we are of one mind").

Think. It's Patriotic.

Noam Chomsky's work, "Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies" is available in its entirety here on the web.


Follow Up
I mentioned the James Mann article "The Armageddon Plan" which spells out Rumsfeld Cheney involvement in extra-Congressional "Continuety of Government" planning in a piece from February 23 called "Shadowy Government", as the link shows Common Dreams has the full text of the Atlantic article


Going, Going, Gone
Lou Dobbs offers an A-Z listing of companies that send jobs offshore. Give the listing he compiled, "Exporting America" , a look over.



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