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Fascism should more
properly be called corporatism since it is
the merger of
state and corporate power

-Benito Mussolini

Estimated Prophet
"Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government."
-Thomas Jefferson
Electing Proof
I stand by the opinion I have gained through reading the many links I've shared that computer voting machines are untrustworthy for the tabulation of election results; with no means of actually recounting the votes cast there is no way to ensure the results offered reflect the reality of who votes were cast for. The results from the machines are easily manipulated in a number of ways. The lack of security they offer shows them to be inappropriate for the tabulation of elections..

I came out pretty hard for vote fraud yesterday; such a weighty matter needs to be decided by statistical analysis, grave indications in many counties throughout the US prove nothing but are just clues that can help one in gaining an overall picture that will help discern the truth. I feel that the anomolies presented prove the case that the e-vote machines are a detriment to our democratic processes.

My sense that voter fraud has occured is just that, a gut feeling, an opinion. We need experts to sort through the facts and figures to see if any proof exists that supports this.Bev Harris of is working on this. Support her efforts.

You may or not be surprised that the spectre of vote suppression seems to be coming primarily from Republican sources. If you multi-task well, you might enjoy listening to this "This American Life" segment on the phenomena of Republican attempts to limit Democracy as you explore this wealth of links on the subject collected at Daily Kos. You can find state by state listings of stories here illustrating this alarming nationwide trend, eRiposte catalogues them nicelyDemos has a smaller collection as well...

As you see, evidence shows that Republican supporters have attempted on a large scale to keep Americans from exercising their franchise in this election. This doesn't necessarily indicate that this same party and its ilk would somehow hack voting machines made by fellow Republican partisans to up the Bush vote in light of successful Democratic leaners get out the vote efforts. Without a "smoking gun"it is unsafe to surmise such a thing. Sadly, even the e-voting machines that repeatedly indicated a vote for Mr Bush when it was Mr Kerry who the voter pressed the screen for are considered glitches. In a close race, every glitch counts.

Dave Neiwert catalogs thuggery on both sides of the political equation, although Bush supporters, as with voter suppression, seem to have cornered the market by a longshot. I would urge you to explore the article immediately under the link offered "The Rise Of Pseudo Fascism", bookmark it and give it a look when you have a chance.

I think our topic of late, possible vote fraud, along with these accounts of voter suppression endeavors should set off some alarms in our consciousness. It is clearly documented that one side did not trust the will of the people, whether or not actual vote fraud can actually be proven. One can hope that a whistleblower will step up concerning this issue if voter fraud is the case.Whatever the case, Democracy in America looks to be at risk.



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