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Fascism should more
properly be called corporatism since it is
the merger of
state and corporate power

-Benito Mussolini

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I offer you 10x10, a project that explains itself thus:
an interactive exploration of the words and pictures that define the time. The result is an often moving, sometimes shocking, occasionally frivolous, but always fitting snapshot of our world. Every hour, 10x10 collects the 100 words and pictures that matter most on a global scale, and presents them as a single image, taken to encapsulate that moment in time.

Mouse over the images, you'll see the rank and keyword to the side. Click on the image and links to the information appear. Johnathan J. Harris has designed a novel way to examine the world in media. BBC World Edition, Reuters World News and The New York Times International Edition are the sources.

Understanding Vorn culls images from Flickr and Livejournal weblogs, changing images that begin with the letters V, O, R, N, every five minutes. Mousing over the letters gives you the individual images title when it was retrieved. Interesting juxtapositions based on randomness, an interesting way to relax on the computer.


From Free To Governed?
Former CIA Director George J. Tenet yesterday called for new security measures to guard against attacks on the United States that use the Internet, which he called "a potential Achilles' heel."
"I know that these actions will be controversial in this age when we still think the Internet is a free and open society with no control or accountability," he told an information-technology security conference in Washington, "but ultimately the Wild West must give way to governance and control."

Mr Tenet did not allow the press in to cover the IT security conference he was speaking at.
The way the Internet was built might be part of the problem, he said. Its open architecture allows Web surfing, but that openness makes the system vulnerable, Mr. Tenet said.
Access to networks like the World Wide Web might need to be limited to those who can show they take security seriously, he said.

Sounds as if the likes of us who like to get information from the world wide web, who appreciate the limited anonymity the internet offers are going to be marginalized and denied access unless we can show we "take security seriously" by folding into a government mandated lockdown protocol. The Digital Imprimitur by John Walker explains how the concept of a radically changed, tracked and "secured" World Wide Web will be "sold" to main street America. Spam- a thing of the past. Worms, viruses and the like- history. And little Johnnie and Jill can't get to pornography. Our loss of internet liberty will be sold to us as a vast improvement in our "internet experience".

The Digital Imprimitur is a lengthy document; a text that bears reading in light of George Tenet's statements quoted above. The same loss of freedoms that will see our personal computer sending out it's ID so we can connect will see programs that work on one computer alone- a win for the state as well as a win for such entities as Microsoft. The software and content (music movies periodicals books) providers have a lot to gain by restricting the World Wide Web. Public opinion will be easily herded into a "new, improved, more secure" mode of internet use.

Read and weigh what is offered to you by The Digital Imprimitur. Remember "governance and control" like Mr Tenet says, it's good for us.

Yeah, right.



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