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Fascism should more
properly be called corporatism since it is
the merger of
state and corporate power

-Benito Mussolini

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"Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government."
-Thomas Jefferson
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"The spiritualization of sexuality is called love" --Nietzche

Happy Valentines Day

Over at mousemusings I saw a link to an interview with Pagan Moss, author of the blog Peep Show Stories. I have enjoyed her writing for quite a while now, and have felt honored to be in her blogroll for quite some time. As a predominantly political blog I haven't ever gotten around to linking to her work; what better day than Valentines to highlight the writings of perceptive person sharing with us what she has seen of humanities multivarious, multifaceted ways of approaching sexuality.

Did I mention she writes of her experiences working at Seattle dance clubs? She shares an interesting, kind perspective. Scroll 1/3 or so down the Peep Show Stories page to get to a collection of her writing links

Gotta love those pharmaceutical companies

Not only is today Valentines Day it is also National Impotence Day, or so PRNewsire reminds us.
My limited research sees Nicorrette and Viagra as sponsors...

S. Africa Gorillas Meet for Valentines day date
It wasn't the romantic Valentine's Day (news - web sites) rendezvous the South African public eagerly anticipated, but zoo officials hope a newly matched gorilla pair can still hit it off.
Lisa the gorilla met her new partner Makoko, a gorilla brought from Germany, for the first time Monday after he spent 45 days in quarantine in an enclosure next to hers -- to give them time to sniff each other out. And while there were no visible sparks at their first encounter, the two have shown signs of mutual attraction.

"They've acknowledged the presence of each other, they've been eating their breakfast. They've been sitting outside in the sun together. For us it's been an extremely successful Valentine's Day," said Johannesburg zoo curator Philip Cronje.

I bet Lisa and Makoko think so too.

They had more fun than these folks:
ORLANDO, Fla. -- What was supposed to be a magical moment at Sunday night's Orlando Magic basketball game instead turned into an embarrassing memory for one man, according to Local 6 News.
The unidentified man asked his girlfriend to marry him in front of thousands of fans at the Magic's 97-94 victory over the New Orleans Hornets at the TD Waterhouse Centre.
The man, who was standing on the court, dropped to a knee and asked the woman to marry him. Instead of answering, the woman turned and ran off the court with her face in her hands.

Perhaps she had perused this study of Valentines cards at Discovery Times which included this example of what was termed a "vinegar Valentine":
"You want to be my steady male? Well, go stick your head in a pail."

Read and Learn
Do you need quick primer on the science behind kissing? Look no further. Biology is fun AND interesting. Susan Block shares more facts in "Chemistry of Love".

Lisa and Makoko the gorillas have Valentines Day down. No overpriced "holiday" flowers, no sacchrine mass produced card. I suggest sending the flowers for something you appreciate about your partner on some odd day, any month but February. Spend time with the one you love, listen, glory for a moment in that which makes up her/his unique being. Share some fruit somehere sunny. Smile.

You may not be aware of Bonobo chimpanzees; today is the perfect day to offer you an article "Bonobo Sex and Society: The behavior of a close relative challenges assumptions about male supremacy in human evolution" by by Frans de Wall that talks about the peaceful culture of these apes. It explains how these sensible simians utilize their sexuality to playfully modulate competition and conflict in their society. I've linked this Scientific American article before, but with the rise of the fundamentalist right into mainstream discourse it seems a good time to mention it again.



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