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Fascism should more
properly be called corporatism since it is
the merger of
state and corporate power

-Benito Mussolini

Estimated Prophet
"Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government."
-Thomas Jefferson
From the Heart
Hobsons Choice is sizzling hot. I recommend stopping by there for this piece,"Frist: I speak for God" before bookmarking his series "Private sector Imperialism", parts 1-11 and settling into it like a hot bath.

After watching Mr Bush engage in evasion and high fibbery on the tv last night, The Real ID act unmentioned, no really substantive questions nailed down and the the "talking heads" giving Mr Bush a post press conference tongue massage, framing everything about the press conference in pro Bush terms. I needed to read the Frist post linked to get back on keel.

The US debt is growing exponentially, the Constitution is being torn apart and Bush's minions, the religious right GOP flying monkeys are crapping on all that being truly American is about before drowning our much vaunted institutions (the ones that set America apart, "shining light on a hill" and all) in a bathtub of blood and hate, claiming the "righteous" mantle of (fictional)persecution as Christians (without benefit of The Sermon on the Mount or anything but Revelations from the New Testament), playing to their gullible co-religionists, a group of folks overwhelmed by a changing world of incredible complexity that sees them scurrying scared in the face of life without it's traditional moorings. Longing for a simpler time, one with John Wayne leading the way, women content to make supper and do the dishes happy in their mens shadow; where America was truly good- no Abu Ghraibs, no intellectual challenges between what the media shows us and the ugly realities we all sense below the surfaces offered, even if the majority is too ill informed to grasp the implications of truths appearing between the lines, the discrepancies and contradictions that even the most trusting intuit are wrong.

Staving off cognitive dissonance with the in group effect- would Mr Bush lie to us? He talks like one of us, good ol' boy, spouting Bible keyphrases- surely he is honest. He's our President for crying out loud. Saving us from "the elitists", folks who on closer examination want clean air and water, economic chances for all who will work and parity with the richest couple of percentage points of the population when it comes to taxation and representation in government. A chance for all who desire it to gain the benefits of higher education. To have access to medical care. Who choose love and decency over the toxic narcotics of ill gotten gains and power. To leave a better, more just world to their children.

"Elitists". Folks who put average Americans before the corporations fleecing our nation. The corporations that own our legislators through their cash contributions. That own the media- outright and through advertising budgets. Those who profit from the armaments of war as our nations infrastructure crumbles for lack of funds spoon feed us hate and fear, twin faces of the Rove-ian
divide and conquer strategy. A strategy to divide "We the People" and thwart a mass movement to oust the well dressed golden tongued plunders of our land.

But, I suppose I am ranting. What is happening to our nation is occuring in plain sight, we need to take the time to inquire, think and hopefully, act.

Talking Dog has a first person interview with Donna Newman, state appointed attorney for Jose Padilla. Good stuff...

Blogging offers insight and hope, at best leading us to learn and think outside the straits of corporate mummery. A democratic attempt to keep heart, to keep hope alive, to build a far flung community of folks who will share the truth. In realtime, away from the computer screen. In our daily lives among our community.



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