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Fascism should more
properly be called corporatism since it is
the merger of
state and corporate power

-Benito Mussolini

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"Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government."
-Thomas Jefferson
They Shot Him, They Fired on his Mom Later: Israeli "Purity of Arms" Demonstrated
They shot him trying to save children. They re-imbursed his family for getting his barely alive body home with a bouncing check. His Mom was fired upon as she sought closure in Israel. Boycotting his inquest- more of the same.

Israel will be boycotting the inquest considering the shooting of by the IDF of Tom Hurndall, an unarmed peace activist who was pulling Palestinian children out of the Israeli line of fire. In other words, Mr Hurndall is a hero. The Israeli's actually put a soldier in jail for his shooting. Unlike the soldiers who had shot two other unarmed civilians that year. ( The murder of James Miller was examined by inquest last week- see the film "Death In Gaza", where the family man is clearly marked, and just as clearly killed in cold blood.)

What the soldier IDF soldier had to say:

Sergeant Taysir Hayb admitted he was lying when he said the peace activist was carrying a gun, but said he was under orders to open fire even on unarmed people.

He told the military court that after shooting Mr Hurndall he had reported it to his commander: "I told him that I did what I'm supposed to: anyone who enters a firing zone must be taken out. [The commander] always says this."

Mrs Hurndall's fears were stoked when the soldier said at his court case: "The [Israeli army] fires freely in Rafah."

This is, in part what I posted 11/23/03.
Witness to the illegal Occupation of Palestine Tom Hurndall was killed last April by an IDF gunman as he sought to protect some children from Israeli gunfire last April.

The fact he was unarmed and wearing fluorescent clothing did not protect him from the high velocity rifle shot to the head. His family has turned off the severely brain damaged peace activists life support. He never regained consciousness.

His parents went to Israel to be by his side and bring him home. While there they went to see the place where he was shot. The checkpoint they needed to pass through was notified three times that they were going to arrive. Days before as well as when they set out, again ten minutes before their arrival. The British diplomatic convoy was fired upon from the watchtower at the checkpoint. Your tax dollars at work.

His family spent 17,000 pounds to bring him home to Great Britain. Months later a check from the Israeli Defense Ministry for 8300 pounds arrived in the mail with a letter from Ambassador Zvi Stauber arrived in the mail. The check bounced.

Attorney General, General Menachem Finkelstein, after much work from the boy's family has agreed to start an investigation concerning his shooting.

Ideally the investigation will be better than the check.

It is obvious that the problem is larger than "one rogue soldier"- it is systematic.

Terrorists for allies in the War on Terror? Read the facts. Decide for yourself.



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