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A Principled Stand
Cindy Sheehan is taking a principled stand concerning the state of our union and the actions our nation is taking- she is engaging in a hunger strike, a fast; I mention this because none of the folks I have spoken with are aware of her efforts.

The Troops Home Fast she has initiated seems like a good way to go, a way to raise consciousness about the war and occupation of Iraq- if every city had dedicated fasters it seems like the effort could be quite effective.

It will be interesting to see how the media treats the effort of the fasters.

Check out the Fox Network treatment Reverend Al Sharpton got:

HANNITY: That's not a fast. Jack Murtha accused our troops of killing civilians in cold blood. John Kerry said our troops are terrorists, terrorizing women and children in the dark of night. The person you're fasting with said our soldiers are rapists and war criminals, that the president killed her son, that George Bush is a lying filthy bastard and a fuhrer. You're going to stand with a woman who says all of those things?

SHARPTON: I'm going to fast.

HANNITY: With a woman who says all those things?

SHARPTON: I fast on many religion holidays.

HANNITY: Stop ducking the question. Why are you supporting a woman who calls our president a lying, filthy bastard?

SHARPTON: Either you're going to let me answer the question, or you can just go on a tirade with your prognosis there.

HANNITY: I want you to answer it.

SHARPTON: I'm fasting because this war is wrong, this war was misleading from the beginning, and this is a morale sacrifice that many of us...

I support her because she is correct.

"Lying filthy bastard"? The shoe fits, history shows, no matter how spun reality gets to hide the fact.

Lying Filthy Bastards= Neoconservatives is my well supported judgement.

I'll leave you with a Cindy Sheehan quotation:

I often get told that I should "love America, or leave it." This is ridiculous logic and empty rhetoric. I love the country that I was born in and I love Americans. I am an American and so are my children. Casey was born and died a fine American who was abused by the same leaders that are abusing the world as I type. I could leave if I wanted to and, in fact, have received many offers to be an ex-patriate in many friendly countries. However, I want to stay and fight for my country. I want my country and the flag that symbolizes it around the globe to stand for something that we can all be proud of again.

BushCo and the neo-con regime embarked on this disastrous misadventure in Iraq to prove to the world how strong and virile Pax Americana is. Their abjectly failed mission, which was evil and corrupt from the beginning, has not proven how strong our nation is but, on the contrary, how weak. However, the neo-cons have managed to prove that even though they have the "mightiest" war machine in the world, an insurgency in a country smaller than the state of California can hold their false freedom and deadly democracy at bay. One other thing that the neo-cons have proven is that America is no longer the moral touchstone of the world but is a nation that commits torture and crimes against humanity with the presidential seal of approval. BushCo has destroyed any credibility our nation ever had in the world and all of us need to fight to regain it and thereby redeem our own souls.

I implore you, while you are enjoying your potato salad and fireworks on the 4th, to reflect on what the star-spangled banner means to you. If our flag symbolizes the same thing to you as it does to the neo-cons, then by all means, enlist and go to Iraq to let some of our soldiers come home that are tired of suffering and committing war crimes for Halliburton, Dick and Donny.

If, however, you realize that the flag no longer waves "o'er the land of the free" and you would like it to again, we invite you to come out to Camp Casey this summer and help us fight for the heart and soul of our nation. If you realize that, while you are "oohing and ahing" over the pretty fireworks in your home town, there are real bombs bursting on the people of Iraq, killing them and destroying their nation for no reason other than that Dick Cheney wanted to, then you need to digest your 4th of July BBQ and get out and show Dicky and the world that we mean business when we say we want our troops to come home to save them and our brothers and sisters in Iraq.

What are your thoughts?



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